Audience Reactions

Premiere_QandA_byDave“Thank you for the non-preachy tone of the film. It invites dialog.”

 “I liked the journey you took us on.  No opinion was forced on anyone.  It was a very fair and respectful way to look at what some people don’t believe is happening. It was up to the viewer to make up their own mind on whether  to change the way they live.”

“A compelling message, leavened with streaks of humor and warmth”

“Positive documentary that could have been a real downer. “

“It hit me right between the eyes.  Very thought provoking ideas which invites dialogue and action on a personal level yet can branch out into the global network”

“Brilliant, impactful, and artfully executed”

“I used COMFORT ZONE in my community college class on stress reduction, as part of a unit on reducing stress on the earth. My students come in after a long day at work. They are tired and busy, and for some it was their first introduction to global warming, but the film drew them in and got them thinking and talking.”

“My students are all from outside the US. Even though the film was not about where they live, they made connections to their own homelands, and were fully engaged with the material.  The focus on ordinary experience made the content easy to relate to, and the film’s depth added richness to the discussions. Having the filmmaker attend was great. The back and forth was lively and drew in even my quiet students.”



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