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We encourage you to screen the film with as many people as possible.
Please contact us if you need help setting up or promoting a screening, or would like us to attend. Below are some tools and advice to help you have the most successful screening possible. You can also use this flyer to share information about the film with people who might want to collaborate on a screening.


Having a panel of experts and a Q&A adds interest to the screening. But people don’t typically want to commit for more than about two hours, so keep it focused. We also recommend either a weekday evening (Monday-Thursday) or weekend afternoon as the best times.

Customize and place this COMFORT ZONE poster  in places where your target audience will see it.

Customize and send this press release to local media. Adding details about panelists, a local angle, etc. will add interest. We can send you press stills too if you need them — just contact us.



• Before the audience assembles, set up to the first frame of the film, without playback control menus (esp. important if running from a laptop).

• Test volume.

• Close shades, blinds, doors as needed.

• When about to start, have someone ready to turn off lights & turn them off before pressing play


Questions to generate audience discussion (for instance in a class): Who did you relate to in the film? What local effects or images stuck with you most? What about the discussions of consciousness – did you like that? Why, why not? Did the film make you think about the issues differently in any way?

Set the tone for substantive discussion at a panel by having the moderator ask a few questions of the panelists before opening up the discussion.

Encourage individuals to set up other screenings in their communities or with groups that they know

About 30 minutes is a good amount of time for Q&A – it should end while the audience still wants to talk. Figure 2-2 ½ hours total for a screening, including set-up and post Q&A individual conversations.

Make sure to end on an upbeat, hopeful note.

You may want to distribute this handout, What I can do about Climate Change

Best of luck and please contact us to let us know how it went!

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