About the Filmmakers

DaveDave Danesh

In addition to twenty years as a management consultant Dave has been making films since 1998. He has written and directed his own films (The Road Not Taken), and photographed, edited and produced narrative features (Jesus Freak, The little Death, and How to Make Movies at Home). Many of these films have been screened and won awards at prestigious film festivals (Los Angeles IFP, Atlanta, Santa Fe and Tallgrass to name a few).

 “I had a general understanding of what scientists called global warming, but its implications had not touched my everyday life until I started making this film. I continue to clarify my relationship with the earth–and my daily life and actions now reflect this new understanding. If the people on this planet need to change the way they live, how will they? I believe this is the burning question of our time.”


SeanSean P. Donnelly

Sean is an engineer by background and by trade. He has been making films since 1998, including the short films Bird Hunters and A Voice From the Lantern.

 “After I saw An Inconvenient Truth I decided to go green. I  signed up for wind power, switched to reusable grocery bags, and bought some compact fluorescents. I fully accepted the seriousness of global warming, and yet my motivation for change had run its course in a few weeks resulting in only minor changes. I suspected that far greater changes would be required but how much greater? It frustrated me that my life seemed to be set up so that individually there was little I could do to address the ‘climate crisis.’ How much more could we do, should we do? If the problem was so serious, how come nothing much was being done?”


KateKate Kressmann-Kehoe

After many years working in marketing and marketing research, Kate has turned her energy to making films. She has worked on documentaries independently as well as with WXXI in Rochester and Harvard Business School Publishing in Cambridge MA. She has two school-aged children.

 “I decided to make the film because fears about the effects of climate change were keeping me awake. I needed to know — is this for real? Immediately after starting the project I felt better. Not because I was hearing good news, but because I was doing something about it. ”


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