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CZ_dave_plane_degrainedIs climate change a scientific problem? An engineering problem? A psychological problem? All that, and more?

COMFORT ZONE takes an in-depth look at what happens when global climate issues come to our backyards. The specific setting is Upstate New York, but the effects, both subtle and profound, illustrate the kinds of effects that can happen anywhere.

Three residents of upstate New York—Kate, Dave and Sean—tackle this question each in a different way, and for different reasons. Kate worries that her children will grow up in a different world—one more challenging than the world she grew up in. Dave sees the climate problem as an internal crisis that each person must approach from the inside out. Sean gets to the root of the science behind the greenhouse effect, and looks at possible solutions.

COMFORT ZONE is an engaging, consciousness-changing, and often funny film that presents a global issue from a personal perspective, challenging us to confront our own connection to climate change.

Runtime: 67 Minutes


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