Order Page for NY State Tax-Exempt Buyers

Please order from this page only if you are in New York State and:
1. You are exempt from New York State sales tax
2. You have sent us your tax exemption form
(ST-119.1 for NPOs/colleges or ST-120 for resellers --
To complete the form you may need information on our Form W-9.)

These buttons allow you to order by credit card without creating a Paypal account.
Or you're welcome to order by check or purchase order. Please make checks
payable to: Last Experiment, LLC. If ordering by mail please use this order form.

Questions, problems, or to email us forms or purchase orders,
send to:

Please Note: DVD prices include $6 shipping for one DVD (because otherwise Paypal would tax the shipping cost).
If you want to order multiple DVDs, or need express shipping, please contact us.
Using this page to order multiple DVDs will mean you'll be charged too much for shipping.
Of course, you're free to do that if you want and we will refund the excess shipping cost (usually the same day).
Actual shipping costs: 1-6 DVDs=$6; 7-10 DVDs=$10; 11-20 DVDs=$15.

COMFORT ZONE DVD and Licenses (Tax-Exempt)

Or add a license to a DVD you already own:
Which license to order:

who want to use the film in classes and hold free public campus-wide screenings.

NON-PROFIT "GROUP" LICENSE: For non-profit groups (such as churches,
community groups, or even individuals) who want to hold free public screenings.

HOME VIDEO LICENSE: Covers home viewing. Also sufficient for public libraries
who want add the DVD to their collection.

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